Café-Bars ANEMELLA Zagora Pelio

Contact Mr. George Stamos Pc. 37001, Zagora Pelion, Greece
Telephone: Τηλ: 24260 23880 Fax: 24260 23881 Κιν: 6944 798307
TOURISM LICENSE: ΜΗΤΕ : 0726Κ050Α0157501
Mobile: 6944 798307

Pelio Holidays

The Stamou Mansion enables its guests to enjoy a drink at the stone-built "Anmella" coffee bar. In winter, next to the fireplace, in a warm and relaxing environment with a special decoration, and in the summer, in the always cared garden, with the colors of the flowers alternating in all possible combinations, the guests can enjoy the coffee, the drink, a quality wine of their choice, delicious cold dishes and pastries, listening to selected music. On the lower floor of the "Anmella" cafe-bar there is a playroom with table games and 42 '' TV.


Zagora - Pelio, Aegean Sea View