1η Γιορτή του Μανιταριού


The 1st Mushroom Festival was held with great success in Makrirachi, Pelion. Many people attended the main square of the village on Saturday night where the president of friends Greece Giorgos Konstantinidis informed the public about the basic and necessary lessons manitarognwsias.

Fotis Paraskeyaidis with the manitaroproionta of Grevena travelled tastefully the attendees with a multitude of recipes, of course the Honorable place was Grifola frondosa (Kastanitiko Ear) in the local dialect.

The night ended with the music band Manitarock. The next morning, several of them were poured in the forest for the search for mushrooms. On the spot were recognized by Mr. Konstantinidis and were given the basic traits of the species found.

The samples were then transferred to the event area, where they were exhibited with their scientific names, since they were recognized by the Kaoyna, member of Manitarofiwn Greece and secretary of Friends Mesogaias and the member Of the Friends Thessaly Municipality of Boni.

After 10 years of my presence in the organized Manitarofiliki community, it is finally time to see you conduct such an event next to my homeland.


Makrirahi, Aegean Sea View