Restaurant / Fish Tavern "O Sogambros" Chorefto Pelio

Contact Restaurant / Fish Tavern "O Sogambros" Mr Petros Liandis Chorefto, Pelio, Greece
Telephone 2426 0 22995
Mobile 6944-361706


The beautiful surroundings, excellent service and good food at reasonable prices are values ​​that are hard to find unless you visit the fish tavern "Sogabros", located on the beach of Chorefto, on the beach.

Visit us to enjoy one of our delicious dishes, choosing from a wide variety of appetizers, cooks, grilled fresh meat on grill, pasta, seafood or fresh fish, or even one of our specialties.

Our location is best suited to combine our culinary pleasures with your bath and sunbathing on the beach during the day, while in the evening you are sweeping along the waves.


Chorefto, Aegean Sea Beaches
Central of Chorefto