Xinovrysi Pelio

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Xinovrysi, owes its name to the acidulent water springs out of the village, near the sea. In the wider region have noted many artifacts from medieval times in the area "Sirioti", yet his meager building remains of a medieval castle.

Like other settlements, Xinovrysi paid with blood their participation in 1823 in the revival of the Revolution, and was burned and its inhabitants were either killed or sold as slaves. Of the attractions of the village stands the Church of the Assumption, stone basilica of 1778 and is subject to declaration by the 7th Byzantine Antiquities. Outstanding beauty of the most famous beaches of Pelion, is the beach of Potistika from the side of the Aegean Sea.

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Xinovrysi, Pagasiticos Gulf View
Geographic coordinates: (39.249468, 23.260564)
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