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Pelio Holidays

Pelion Mountain or Sea
The mountain of Pelion is facing the Aegean Sea and the Pagasetic Gulf through its densely populated mountain and at the same time green "Yleen" (forested) according to the "Ilios" and "leaf-lying" leaves according to Homer.

Here in the beautiful Pelion with the clean beaches and the endless forest you will find hostels, hotels, rooms to let, villas and rented houses. Be sure that your trip to Pelion is unforgettable.

Summer in Pelion you enjoy the smell of oregano, thyme and so many other aromatic herbs. The summer nights in Pelion are flooded with the aromas of jasmine, gardenia and nightlife. Music and festivals take place in the mountainous and coastal villages. 

The local folk festivals represent every small or large village of this diverse mountain. The musical evenings and the outdoor concerts of beloved artists accompany the visitor to the squares of the sometimes picturesque villages in the light of the stars sometimes and the full moon among the pilgrimages of Pelion.

The beaches of Pelion welcome the summer visitors with a series of occasional and non-activities. The water activities include Boat Taxi (sea tour), scuba diving, canyoning, sea kayak, water bike, Flying Fox

But also the mountain villages offer generously their mountainous activities such as:

Hiking - Trekking and Hiking
Shooting - Shooting
Running - Joking
Horseback Riding - Horse Riding
Archery - Archery
Climb - Climb
Climbing - Climbing
Mountain Biking
Mountain Running
The varied landscapes of Pelion with pebbly beaches and sandy sandy sandy beaches make it a terrestrial paradise. The endless blue alternates between turquoise, deep blue or clear waters, which sometimes play blatantly embracing its white, imposing rocks.

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