Valeni Boutique Hotel

Contact Feel free to contact us to learn about availabilities and any other information you might require, using the phone numbers below. Valeni Boutique Hotel +30 24280 90207 +30 24280 90207 +30 24280 90205 info@valeni.gr 11th km Volou-Zagoras, Portaria 37011, Magnesia, Greece
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Valeni Boutique Hotel

is a beautiful, fully equipped Art Boutique Hotel at Portaria, Pelion, offerring exquisite services.

Located at the entrance of the village, only 11 kilometers from the town of Volos and 12 kilometers from the ski resort “Agriolefkes”, it is the ideal destination for all seasons.

As far as composition is concerned, the carved stone walls at the first level neatly tie up with the conventional pre-existing rectangular buildings, while the primary constructive simplicity along with the smooth transition from the interior to the exterior, from structure to nature forms a unique relationship with the landscape. Spaces such as the hotel’s reception, the lounge-bar and balcony offer unlimited view to Volos and Pelion (Makrinitsa). The buildings are linked underground to accommodate a spa area, an interior pool, a gym, locker rooms and other auxiliary spaces. In the upper levels of the building there is a wide range of rooms that fit all needs.

A high standards hotel unit, equipped with technological infrastructure and airing, lighting and soundproofing support, so as to ensure the absolute comfort of hospitality. A modern hotel unit, reflecting the aesthetical complicity of all fine arts and the mental participation of all craftsmen. A challenge for a new space experience enriched with stilted sculptural forms and an array of works by modern artists.

Valeni Boutique Hotel is the destination for every couple or group above 16 years old and your chance to be acquainted with Pelion all seasons of the year. Our choice to appeal to persons above 16 years old, ensures the relaxation of our guests, the chance to enjoy our modern spa facilities, the works of art exhibited in the various areas of the hotel and the exploration of the enchanting mountain trails and culinary delights, offered at the «Mountain of Centaurs».


Portariá, Pagasiticos Gulf View