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Petrino Makrinitsa Pelio

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Petrino Hotel Makrinitsa Pelion

The Pelion Peninsula is situated geographically in the Eastern Central of Greece with a altitude by the 1550 meter. Pelion is known as the garden of Greece. On the west side picturesque villages are set between shimmering olive groves whereas in east Pelion dense forests alternate with lush and carefully created terraced fruit orchards.

The many waterways find their ways through waterfalls and gorges to meet the Sea in romantic little bays with sandy beaches.

This idyllic landscape has been famous for centuries for its sweet herbs and is the ancient home of the mythical centaurs of old Greece. Pelion”s landscapes are ideal for visitors who want to explore its natural beauty on foot.

There are many old stone paths and interesting trails which connect the mountain villages with the tiny settlements at the seaside. Many of these spots invite to dwell and to spend time to take in the views and smells and luscious atmosphere


Makrinítsa, Pagasiticos Gulf View