Hagiati Chorefto Pelion

Contact HAGIATI BEACH HOTEL ΧΟΡΕΥΤΟ - ΖΑΓΟΡΑ TK. 37001Telephone: 2426 0 22405 Fax: 2426 0 23540 Mob: 6942556158 email: info@hagiati.com
Telephone: 2426 0 22405
Mobile: 6942556158

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Hagiati Chorefto Pelion

An award winning beach hotel located on the beautiful beach of Horefto on the east side of the world famous Pilion mountain, in Magnesia, Greece.

Perfect sunrises in front of the Aegean sea, unspoilt virgin beach, cascading mountain are some of the highlights that make Hagiati Beach Hotel unique for your vacations. Surrounded by all kind of trees and boundless Mediterranean plants you will find your own Horefto paradise at Hagiati Beach Hotel.

The hotel is easily accessible from Volos airport and other tourist destinations, only 70 minutes from Volos airport, 15 minutes from Zagora and 20 minutes from Tsagarada.

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Chorefto, Aegean Sea Beaches
Geographic coordinates: (39.45073, 23.125092)
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