Hotel Aegeus Chorefto Pelio

Contact Hotel Aegeus Evangelia & Sophia Tsimpoyli Horefto pelion, volos, 37001, greece. Phone number: + 30 2426022778 | Fax: + 30 2426022784 Email: aegeushotel@yahoo.com

Pelio Holidays

Within 30M. From the square of the dancer and 50 m. From the wave, 18 km from the ski resort of pelion, overlooking a vast white sandy beach, from where you can admire the sea in which Aegeus gave its name, in the roots of the mountain of centaurs, you will find the hotel Aigeys. traditional, quiet, with a warm family atmosphere, fireplace in the living room, surrounded by flowers, will give you the opportunity to admire, among the foliage of plane, the sunrise through the Aegean SEA.

The green courtyard is the ideal place to enjoy your breakfast or coffee and read your book gazing at the Aegean sea, under the foliage of the Trees.

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Chorefto, Aegean Sea Beaches
Geographic coordinates: (39.454067, 23.119714)
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