Atrapos Pelion Hotel Kissos

Contact Atrapos Pelion Hote The traditional guesthouse "Atrapos" at the beautiful village of Kissos. Kissos Pelion Magnesia Greece Tel: 24260 31291 Fax: 2426032182 Email: info@atrapos-pelion.com

Pelio Holidays

“Atrapos”, the path or passage that is hard for someone to follow. Against the etymologies, our "Atrapos", our traditional hotel, is the path that the visitor has to follow to enjoy unique holidays and moments of relaxation. Our own trail leading to a picturesque village, Kissos of Pelion, with cobbled streets, green mountains and abundant crystal clear waters.

Specific details

Internet Free Wi-fi διατίθεται σε ολόκληρο το κτίριο, Free Wi-Fi διατίθεται σε όλα τα δωμάτια


Kisos, Aegean Sea View
Central Square
Geographic coordinates: (39.405924, 23.131986)
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