The traditional guesthouse “Theareston”, is located in the village Zagora on the East side of the Pelion mountain and only a few meters away from the village's main square. Its location is ideal for your escapes to both the mountain and the sea. The idyllic location of Pelion, the lush green scenery and the panoramic view of the Aegean, makes our guesthouse the ideal escape. We did our best to create a warm atmosphere, whilst emphasizing on comfort and attention to detail. We proudly offer a combination of the highest comfort standards and Greek traditional living. Our guesthouse opened its doors to the guests in 2007. Our family's highest goal is to combine lifestyle with tradition, in order to offer our guests a unique sensation of relaxation and hospitality. The guesthouse is constructed with natural materials such as stone and wood, and provides its guests with ladies and men changing rooms, sauna, jacuzzi for 6 people, and a 80s.m. wide swimming pool.

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Zagora, 37001


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The traditional guesthouse is situated at a preferential point at the east coast of Pelion, in the village Mouresi. After 2 years of hard work we have created with lots of passion, personal care and respect for the natural surroundings an accommodation which consists of 2 stone buildings with 12 suites in total, connecting all modern facilities with Greek tradition.
Βίλα Αγλαΐνη, εδώ στην πλαγιά του βουνού με θέα τη θάλασσα, εκεί όπου το καταπράσινο χρώμα της πηλιορείτικης φύσης..
Welcome to the fascinating Tsagarada, a village situated at eastern Pelion, on the mountain of the Centaurs. In such a place lies Aleka’s House Hotel; one of the best hotels in Tsagarada, combining accommodation in Pelion in its beautiful rooms with both a cafeteriawith a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and a restaurant with traditional cuisine, based on the amazing local products.
Kissos is a small picturesque village, just 55km from Volos, situated at an altitude of 520m. from which overlooks Mouresi, Agios Dimitrios, Agios Ioannis, the mountain and the Aegean. It is a beautiful village that boasts cobbled streets, picturesque houses and a big square with yperonovia trees and the church of Agia Marina.
Amanita Guesthouse in Tsangarada, Pelion, Greece. The ideal destination for holidays for nature lovers with trekking, walking old footpaths
Profile The enchanting village of Ag. Dimitrios is one of the 24 villages of Pelion and is the ideal place for winter and summer holidays. The visitor is enchanted by the beautiful landscapes, the green nature, golden sands and pearl pebble beaches and turquoise waters in the seas. While during the winter holidays knows the snowy slopes and enjoy the area's ski center.
Το αρχοντικό Δρακόπουλου χτίστηκε το 1906 και σήμερα λειτουργεί ως παραδοσιακός ξενώνας με την φροντίδα του Γυναικείου..
Hotel Mirto...... is a traditional stone build village Hotel that has been in business for 30 years under the care of the Sofiadi family. The parents ; John & Lia and there two daughters, Liana & Mignon. They all reside in their home that is located right beside the Hotel ready to accommodate you in any way they can. Their goal is for all guest to feel right at home, relaxed and to have an unf ...
The main building of the guest house is equipped with a reception area, a living room serving as breakfast room, 6 twin-bedded rooms and a suite which accommodates up to 4 people
Kissos Rooms 37012 +30 24260 31214
Τα Ενοικιαζόμενα δωμάτια “Το Λιμανάκι” στο Χορευτό Πηλίου διαθέτει ποικιλία δωματίων,με θέα το απέραντο
Φανταστικές, μοναδικές, ποιοτικές, αξέχαστες διακοπές στο Πήλιο στα “STUDIOS ΓΑΡΔΕΝΙΑ’’ ...
Καλώς ήλθατε στο Πήλιο, καλώς ήλθατε στο Ξουρίχτι Τσαγκαράδας...
If you'd love to share special moments to a place that represents the beauty of nature, provides visitors a friendly atmosphere, uniquely combines stone with wood and moreover associates the harmony of nature with the traditional architecture of Pelion , then you have to visit Amaltheia as soon as possible.
Irida Studios is located 150 m from the beach of Agios Ioannis, at a higher level of the village, and welcomes visitors of Pelion since 1989. The accommodation consists of 8 studios in fresh, bright colours, offering a pleasant stay in a friendly family environment. We are looking forward to welcome you at Irida!
Το παραδοσιακό κατάλυμα ΠΑΝΟΡΑΜΑ σεβόμενο τη φυσική ομορφιά του τοπίου βρίσκεται σε ύψωμα στο τέλος του χωριού, Πουρί,
Mouresi is located in Pelion (Pilion),48 km east of Volos, and 4 km from Tsangarada. Our captivating area with lots of natural springs and stone bridges is the perfect destination for joyful holidays with pleasant trips and activities, such as, horse riding, water sports and walking in the footsteps of the mythical Centaurs.
Πρόκειται για ένα παραδοσιακό κατάλυμα, εναρμονισμένο με το ύφος και την ομορφιά του τόπου..
Σας προσκαλούμε στον ξενώνα Villa Horizon στη Τσαγκαράδα Πηλίου για αξέχαστες διακοπές όλες τις εποχές.