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The Mansion Pantou

in Portaria Pelion dates from the 19th century and is the property of the family Pantou. Its architecture is influenced by the Egyptians of the time testifying important historical events of its times. Today it was fully renovated, added all the comforts that make your stay in it, a carefree journey from the tradition of the past to the luxury of today.
As we entered the process of renovating the mansion, we were not far from setting up a home, Eyrymatiko in the use of its spaces, authentic in its nobility, in short a place worthy of its history.

With his first stone put somewhere in the late 19th century, with influences and tendencies of the aigyptiwtwn of the time, he was acquired by George Pantos and stood upright to witness important historical events of his times.

The years and the natural decay do not apaxiwsan the building, since with its strong architectural elements and the unparalleled beauty surrounding space, diatirise its glamour and character.

We are therefore proud to present a result of multiple challenges and certainly, in its traditional elements, a winning bet.

In our hostel there are a reception area, a lounge as a breakfast room, 6 double rooms and a suite that can accommodate 4 persons.

In the adjacent area there is an independent building with a small attic, ideal for those who want more private and quiet moments.

With furniture and style that respect the space, each room attracts the look with its special characteristics and the tasteful Approach.

Specific details

Internet Free Wi-fi διατίθεται σε ολόκληρο το κτίριο, Free Wi-Fi διατίθεται σε όλα τα δωμάτια


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