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 Dear friends, Welcome to the AMANITA Guesthouse in Tsagarada, where you can enjoy a true "Mt Pelion experience" with a relaxing stay in a manor-house environment, a renowned breakfast, themed activities with trail hikes, mushroom hunting and gastronomic pleasures and visit our herb and organic garden (perivoli). The AMANITA Guesthouse is situated in a truly privileged location between mountain and sea on the eastern slopes of Mt. Pelion in the genteel village of Tsagarada in the Prefecture of Magnesia. Behind it soars Mt. Pelion, ancient home of the Centaurs; a mountain much sung of; a mountain where the trees cast deep shade and countless springs bubble forth. Gazing outwards from the Guesthouse one sees the blue of the Aegean Sea, spotted with the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnissos. All around is the verdant countryside of Tsagarada with its renowned paths, centuries old trees, old stone fountains and bridges. We aim to ensure that the AMANITA Guesthouse is the ideal Mt. Pelion holiday destination, where the friendliness and cosiness of a traditional home is combined with the amenities any good hotel has to offer. For those of you looking for something more than just a charming, traditional place to stay, we offer: Genuine Mt. Pelion hospitality A gastronomic tour of this charming mountain Walking tours around the forest of the Centaurs where you can collect fruits, nuts and herbs. Seminars where you will learn to identify collect and cook mushrooms. A tour of the region's beaches with their emerald green waters. Treks along the mountain's stone pathways. Workshops in our herb garden and presentation of Pelion living botanical tradition & gastronomy. We attach great importance to local cuisine. That's why our breakfast includes hand-kneaded bread, home-made jams, our own herbal tea blends and local specialities such as pies, omelettes with wild herbs & mushrooms, organic vegetables and fruits from our garden. Enjoy your tour! Filaretos Psimmenos

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Tsagarada, Aegean Sea View